We offer shipping companies the option of collaborating with EUROPFAST in national and international road haulage, as subcontractors or in charter transport. 

We want to offer our customers a crucial advantage with a high-quality fleet and generate definite value added for them. 

For this reason we keep a modern fleet with optimum equipment and also would like to include our partners in this sustainable concept.   

EUROPFAST works with renowned customers in the sectors industry, trade fairs and events, which have supreme standards and where reliability and keeping deadlines are a must. 

We will always meet these expectations 100% and also expect a highly professional attitude and absolute determination to deliver from our partners. 

Thanks to our customers’ trust in us, we can plan and manage a balanced diversity of shipments regardless of the seasons. 

We also want to give our selected partners the opportunity to share in this large freight transport volume and integrate them into our highly effective network. 

“Europfast as a partner for good and long-term business” 

We will promptly check all data as soon as we have received your documents and send you further specific requirements so we can accept you into our performance-based supplier management system. 

The preconditions for a partnership between a subcontractor and EUROPFAST are:

    • Valid concession, permissions, sufficient insurance coverage 
    • Covered and box vehicles in flawless condition, equipped with new technology and meeting the Euro 6 emission standard 
    • Sufficient material handling equipment such as 500 daN securing straps, anti-slip mats, edge protectors, wedges and additional pieces of equipment needed to properly secure loads in compliance with VDI Directive 2700

  • Reliable, well trained German-/English-speaking truck drivers, personal protective equipment (PPE), mobile telephones for every driver and GPS localisation (tracking and tracing)

Advantages of collaborating with EUROPFAST:

    • Flexible network with a modern fleet management system 
    • Highly professional dispatch team with chiefs of traffic and business administrators
    • We employ your vehicles reliably in national and international transports as well as circuits 
    • Prompt and reliable payment of your freight bills 
    • We take care of your vehicles round the clock 

    • We offer you a long-term partnership
    • We minimise your empty mileage and give you the opportunity to achieve business success
    • We speak your language and always keep our partnership in mind
    • We make sure you also carry freight on the entire return run and guarantee optimum use of your capacities