Europfast Internationale Spedition GmbH has high quality policy standards and was successfully certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008. 

We achieve customer satisfaction and trust through transparent and safe processes.

In the past, a company‚Äôs success was mainly determined by the factors productivity and price. Today innovative capacity, uniqueness, ability to learn, and carefully designed product or service portfolio, flexible adjustment to changing market conditions and customer needs plus, of course, excellent quality are demanded of a modern enterprise. Companies can meet these enormous requirements by way of a systematic quality management system. 

The quality management system serves the company to determine the standards it has to achieve in its service and production in order to boost its efficiency and ensure quality in all departments and at all interfaces. Flaws in the processes first become apparent in flawed products. Experience has shown that even a small error rate per vendor part significantly multiplies the probability of a flawed final product. 

We have optimised our processes and interfaces by introducing a quality management system. In this way we have verifiably improved our competitive edge in the ever fiercer global competition. 

Our quality policy serves as a guideline for all employees in the execution of their tasks. The management board is responsible for our quality policy to be announced, understood and implemented throughout the company.