Transport & Express Logistics

We are constantly on the road with our modern, minimal CO2 emission fleet, carrying out up to 100 transports per week for renowned industry, trade fair and event customers throughout Europe. 

Our service range in national as well as international road haulage includes: 

  • Less than truckload (LTL) and full truckload (FTL) shipping
  • Freight transport circuits
  • Just-in-time freight shipping
  • Special and abnormal loads
  • Combined lorry, trailer and container shipping
  • Trade fair and event shipping 
  • Thermo and refrigerated transports 
  • Express shipping
  • Dangerous goods transports
  • Volume transports
  • High-value shipping

We guarantee you optimum service and a high quality standard, and are there for you round the clock! 

  • High load flexibility 
  • Supreme technological standard
  • Environmentally sound transports (green logistics)
  • Mobile communication system for central dispatch
  • Tractor units with EDP-controlled monitoring and communication systems (GPS) 
  • Goods transports to all inland and sea ports
  • Legally required securing of loads (VDI Directive 2700)  

Extra and special options:

  • On-board truck- or trailer-mounted lifts with a lifting force of about 2.5 tonnes 
  • Trailer with tail lift
  • Trailer with telescopic lifting platform up to 4 metres 
  • Trailer with loading ramp
  • Double-deck load possible with box trailers
  • ADR dangerous goods transport 
  • Manned with two truck drivers