Worldwide Project Logistics

In the 21st century, the age of globalisation, Industry 4.0 is an important development for any industry location. 

This is not only true for large companies but also small and medium-sized enterprises. 

Process automation, greater flexibility and a modern, competitive product structure are important success factors which can lead to a significant boost in productivity. 

Many of our customers confront these challenges, which is why we want to contribute towards their success. Consequently, we take a very close look at the logistics work processes. 

We make sure that accurate quantities are shipped on time in the manufacturing industry and manage safe and precise shipments to the recipients. 

“Customised worldwide project logistics with additional service as a perfect supplement”

Our services:

    • Complete organisation of shipments from the factory via lorry, sea and air freight
    • Individual, personal transport consulting and management
    • High quality at fair market prices 
    • Heavy and special shipments (project transport tasks)  
    • Stocking and storage of cargo
    • Import and export customs clearing
    • Permanent transit time control and interface monitoring 
    • Professionally competent insurance consulting (world cover) 
    • Just-in-time handling 

    • High load flexibility 
    • Supreme technological standard
    • Central contact persons 
    • Environmentally sound transports (green logistics) 
    • Mobile communication system for central dispatch
    • Modern extensive transport network 
    • Tractor units with EDP-controlled monitoring and communication systems (GPS) 
    • Goods transports to all inland and sea ports in the world
    • Legally required securing of loads (VDI Directive 2700)  
    • Planning and control by central project managers

Extra and special options:

  • On-board truck- or trailer-mounted lifts 
  • Trailer with tail lift
  • Trailer with telescopic lifting platform 
  • Trailer with loading ramp
  • Manned with two truck drivers