Event logistics

Perfect product presentations trigger emotions and can make events something special that will stick in people‚Äôs mind forever.   

The resulting greater content-related complexity must be coordinated and executed efficiently. 

Contrary to industrial logistics with its routine management tasks, however, event logistics is typically confronted with individual and specific challenges. 


This particular pressure to succeed requires the perfect implementation of temporary logistics solutions which must be accomplished by project management.    

We have the necessary insight into your challenges and make sure that all pieces of equipment arrive according to plan, at the right time and in the right place!

Our main focus is on the following events:

    • Rock, pop and classical music festivals 
    • Theatre and musical shows 
    • Sport and public events 

    • Road shows and corporate events 
    • Marketing/product events
    • Conventions/seminars

Our services include:

    • Transparent and prompt quotes 
    • Transport planning and shipping from and to the event via lorry, sea and air freight
    • Environmentally friendly planning and use of suitable resources (green logistics) 
    • Coordination of logistical tasks across different interfaces (transport, storage) 
    • Worldwide efficient and careful planning, control and management of your event logistics 
    • Precise scheduling of all shipments and deliveries with precise efficiency 
    • Smooth, homogeneous and hence cost-efficient handling as value added for you 
    • Comprehensive, expert individual consulting and shipment planning worldwide  
    • Provision of staff for assembly and disassembly of your exhibition stand 
    • Personal on-site assistance, 24/7 availability 
    • Central contact person prior to and after your planned event


  • Interim storage of the goods needed before/after/between events 
  • Storage and transport of prototypes (vehicles for DTM, F1, vintage cars)
  • Loading your packaged goods onto lorries and overseas containers for worldwide shipping 
  • Adequate packaging and labelling of your goods 
  • Professional insurance consulting (world cover) 
  • Import and export customs clearance, generation of customs/transport documents (Carnet, T2, etc.) 
  • Permanent transit time control and interface monitoring 
  • Provision of lifting devices such as crane or forklift 
  • Special shipments of vehicles and high-tech goods

    • High load flexibility 
    • Supreme technological standard
    • Central contact persons
    • Environmentally sound transports (green logistics)
    • Mobile communication system for central dispatch
    • Modern, extensive transport and partner network
    • Tractor units with EDP-controlled monitoring and communication systems (GPS) 

    • Goods transports to all inland and sea ports
    • Modern facility for storing and transferring prototypes (vehicles for DTM, F1, vintage cars)
    • Legally required securing of loads (VDI Directive 2700)  
    • Planning and control by central project manager 

Extra and special options:

  • On-board truck- or trailer-mounted lifts 
  • Trailer with tail lift
  • Trailer with telescopic lifting platform 
  • Trailer with loading ramp
  • Manned with two truck drivers