Express Shipments

We are a national and international express service provider with a specialised direct transport network. Goods are not turned over or transhipped at collection points or transport distribution centres. We deliver top quality services, especially for small and medium-sized companies.

The organisation and carefully planned transport logistics, flexible adjustment to our customers’ wishes and reliability are important criteria for us.

“High-quality express shipments by land, sea and air!”


An overview of our special transport services: 

    • Special courier transports 
    • Air charter service
    • On-board courier services
    • Relay transports
    • Truck-meets-truck transports 
    • Multiple driver transports (two-man crews) 

The advantages of our express services:

    • J.I.T. (just-in-time) delivery
    • High flexibility at fair market prices 
    • Environmentally sound transports (green logistics)
    • State-of-the-art mobile communication system 
    • Europe-wide and worldwide transports in door-to-door deliveries
    • Services tailored to individual needs

Extra and special options:

  • On-board truck- or trailer-mounted lifts with a lifting force of about 2.5 tonnes 
  • Trailer with tail lift
  • Trailer with telescopic lifting platform up to 4 metres 
  • Trailer with loading ramp
  • Double-deck load possible with box trailers
  • ADR dangerous goods transport 
  • Manned with two truck drivers